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Watch Repair Service in Provo, Utah

watch repair

A watch is an intricate, irreplaceable, and timeless blend of fashion and utility. When a watch loses its luster or stops telling time, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers is here to restore your timepiece to its former glory. With decades of experience in watch repair service, we are uniquely equipped to bring your watch back to life.

Regardless of age or brand, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers is prepared to repair any watch, and most pocket watches. We provide a comprehensive watch and pocket watch repair service and maintenance. Our Provo, Utah store brings a meticulous excellence to the following watch repair specializations:

  • Watch repair diagnostics: Feel free to bring your watch to our Provo, Utah storefront for a diagnostic consultation. Even if you don’t know exactly what is wrong with your watch, we are happy to lend our expert eye to troubleshoot an ailing timepiece.
  • Battery replacements: Replacing the battery in your watch is an important and often intricate procedure. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers has performed battery replacements of every variety, to ensure the steadfast performance you can set your watch to.
  • Band replacements (leather, metal, and rubber): The band of your watch is an underestimated factor in your watch’s presentation, feel, and utility. A gorgeous timepiece can be disfigured by a ragged band; even worse, it could be painful to wear. We offer the best look, feel, and utility in band replacements for watches of every variety.
  • Mechanical watch repair and servicing: At the heart of any watch is an intricate mechanical ballet. Each tiny part should be given the love and respect it deserves, and Goldsmith Co. Jewelers brings a legacy of meticulous craftsmanship to every watch that comes through our doors. Don’t put your timepiece in the hands of an amateur–Goldsmith Co. Jewelers has the experience and know-how to keep your watch ticking.
  • Sizing watch bracelets: Are you uncertain on sizing your watch bracelet? Sizing watch bracelets is important to the comfort and function of your watch. If your watch hurts your wrist, slides about your arm, or simply doesn’t feel right, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers has the tools and expertise necessary to get your timepiece to the perfect fit!
  • Full overhaul service for mechanical and quartz watches: A watch is greater than the sum of its parts. That said, a fine watch needs a full overhaul every 4-6 years. We are more than experience in the preliminary operations, case/bracelet operations, movement/mechanical maintenance, and any quality control your watch may call for.
Call us today or stop by our Provo, Utah store for any and all watch repairs. Our decades of experience in watch and pocket watch repair sets Goldsmith Co. Jewelers apart from the competition, and we can repair, restore, maintain, or beautify any watch you bring through our doors!