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String Pearls Service in Provo, Utah

Pearl Stringing and Care

A pearl necklace is a stunning and elegant accessory. Like any high-value piece of jewelry, string pearls require a sophisticated eye and a masterful hand for proper maintenance. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers is more than qualified to handle restringing your pearl necklace, to maximize the value and beauty of your precious pearls.

Your pearls should be restrung every couple of years. The strand, which bears the weight of the pearls, naturally weakens over time. We can make your pearl necklace look and feel like new, while ensuring your pearl necklace or bracelet is absolutely secure. Our expert stringers use the finest silk cords to get the most out of each restring.

String pearls are unique, and each set of pearls has its own requirements for care. The following factors affect the maintenance needs of your string pearls:

  • Weight of the pearls
  • Materials used for the string
  • Knotting techniques between each pearl
  • How often the pearls are worn
  • Conditions for storage

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers takes all these variables into account, and can revitalize any string of pearls, while providing expert advice on proper string pearl care.

Fine strands of pearls should be knotted between each and every pearl, so a break in the string is not a fiasco. Improperly strung pearls carry a higher risk of breaking, and flinging pearls across the floor! We check the integrity of your pearl string, the knots, and the clasp, so you’ll never have to worry about losing a single precious pearl.

If your set of string pearls is due for service, or you’re unsure on how to maintain your pearls, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or pay us a visit at our Provo, Utah store! At Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our expert staff, who provide you with exacting attention to detail, and a legacy of fine craftsmanship when it comes to string pearl maintenance.