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Jewelry Engraving Service

Precise Machine engraving

The highest quality jewelry engraving service in the greater Provo, Utah area!

When a message is important enough to immortalize on a piece of jewelry, it deserves the attention of a master craftsman. Add a deeply personal flair to your fine jewelry with our jewelry engraving services.

Engraving jewelry is an art form and a fine one at that. For over forty years, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers has been Provo, Utah’s premier destination for jewelry engraving. We take great pride in the craftsmanship and attention to detail we bring to the ancient art of engraving.

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers offers:

Hand Engraving: Ultra-fine engraving calls for the hands of a master. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers’ Hand Engraving method is an artful means of delivering gorgeous and unique engravings. We can engrave on the inside or outside of rings and offer a legacy of expertise and experience in fine hand engraving.

Script Engraving: Add a sophisticated, subtle, and personalized flair to your engraving with a fine script engraving. From the simple serif to a decadent cursive, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers brings your message to life.

Block Engraving: Bring your jewelry to the engraver’s block for a precise engraving. We have a robust selection of symbols, fonts, shapes, and languages to choose from. Block engraving is a classic method for jewelry modification, and Goldsmith Co. Jewelers brings a unique artistry to your precious jewelry.

Laser engraving: For the most precise jewelry engraving services money can buy, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers offers laser engraving. Engraving jobs once thought impossible are now a reality with innovations in laser engraving technology. We can recreate personal handwriting and intricate custom images.


Call today, or visit our Provo store for our jewelry engraving services. Our decades of engraving experience make us Provo’s most prolific and outstanding choice for jewelry engraving. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers can bring even the most challenging jewelry engraving projects to life.