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Pray for Snow

Start Praying

Do you love the snow, or are you already sick of it? Love it or hate it, Goldsmith Co. Jewelers is giving you a whopping big reason to pray for snow this year. Just how big is “whopping big”? How does a full refund sound (a.k.a. free jewelry)?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is insuring this promotion?

Commerce and Industry Insurance Company (part of American International Group, Inc.). They have contracted with WeatherWatch as the third party observer and taker of the snow measurement.

Where will the snow be measured?

Right in front of the Goldsmith Co. store (120 N. University Ave. in downtown Provo)

Are any jewelry items in the store off limits or not covered by the refund?

The promotion doesn’t apply to repairs of jewelry or watches. All other new, in-store merchandise purchases will be refunded.

Can it snow 4″ any time during New Year’s Eve?

The qualifying time will go from 8:00pm MST on Dec 31, 2012 to 2:00am MST on Jan 1, 2011. If there is a least 4 inches of snowfall during that time, all purchases made between Dec 1st and Dec 24th will be refunded.

When can I claim my refund?

Goldsmith Co. will contact you within 8 weeks to arrange the refund.

Will any portion of the purchase not be refunded?

All sales tax is non-refundable. You will be reimbursed for the full purchase price, minus the applicable taxes.
(a.k.a. free jewelry)?

That’s right; we’ll refund the full purchase price of everything you buy from us between Dec 1 and Dec 24, 2012 if it snows at least 4 inches on New Year’s Eve. So, whether you find the perfect engagement ring, buy your mother a PANDORA keepsake bracelet, or surprise your wife with breathtaking Hearts on Fire diamond earrings—or even spoil yourself with that Breitling watch you’ve had your eye on—Goldsmith Co. will cut you a refund check for the full purchase price (excluding sales tax).

So, what’s the catch? That’s easy; we’ve already told you. We’re betting it doesn’t snow in Provo on New Year’s Eve, but if it does then we’ll give you your money back. As long as it’s 4” of snow or more, you’ll be walking away with beautiful, FREE fine jewelry.

Why are we betting against the weather? Better yet, why even do this at all? Well, that’s easy too. We’re doing this as a service to our customers. It’s our fun and crazy way of saying thank you to our large extended family… and a small attempt to invite you to see why we’re unlike any jeweler you’ve ever been to before.

The bottom line: we know that we will forever change the way you feel about shopping for jewelry if you’ll just visit our store. No matter what happens, if Provo gets pounded on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have given her (or him) the finest jewelry in Utah for free. Just remember to Pray for Snow—We’re Insured.