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Your Search For a Unique Custom Watch Ends Here’

At Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, we’re always on the lookout for luxury jewelry and watches that are new or different. Sometimes high-end watches can have a more traditional look which might not appeal to you if you’re rebellious or have an ultra-modern sensibility. If that’s you, we’ve got the perfect watches for you from Nixon Watches right here in our store in Provo, UT.

Nixon is an American watch company that got its start in 1997 in Southern California when co-founder, Chad DiNenna couldn’t find a watch that fit his own personal style. Since then, Nixon has grown into a worldwide brand that’s sold in 80 countries. In addition to their customizable watches, they also have a variety of special collections, including a Star Wars collection and their new Santa Cruz collection, so there’s bound to be the perfect watch to match your unique personality.

Popular Nixon Watch Features:

  • Many of their watches are customizable: That means you can choose the size of the watch face, the type of band or bracelet, and even the color on the watch.
  • International watchmakers build their watch movements: Nixon has their watch movements made by Swiss and Japanese craftsmen.
  • Their unique collections: Nixon is always coming up with amazing collections inspired by popular culture, art, and even extreme sports. Their most recent collection, Santa Cruz celebrates the skateboard culture of Santa Cruz as well as artist Jim Phillips.

Whether you’re looking for a watch that’s different from the rest, or you’re looking for the ideal gift to please the science fiction lover or artistic member of your family, a Nixon watch is sure to please. Come by our store in Provo, UT or contact us today to find out more about the outstanding Nixon watch collections!