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Goldsmith Co. Jewelers Favorites

At Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, we make it easy to find your bride’s ideal engagement ring.

When you’re about to pop the question and ask someone to marry you, you’re most likely feeling a bundle of emotions from excitement to nervousness to anticipation and everything in between. Over the years, the jewelry consultants and master jewelers here at Goldsmith Co Jewelers have helped countless grooms and couples choose the perfect engagement rings.

We understand how overwhelming it can be, especially now with all the choices available to you, not to mention choosing the size, cut, and color diamond you want. What if your bride doesn’t like the ring you choose?

We have designs from the top engagement & wedding ring designers!

Don’t worry, here at Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, we make it simple and easy. That’s because, in addition to our educational resources and our extremely knowledgeable staff, we’ve also assembled a collection of engagement ring favorites from all the designers we carry including:

  • Parade Design
  • Le Vian
  • ArtCarved
  • Elysium Diamond
  • And more

Plus we also custom design jewelry, including engagement rings, so you’re sure to find the right ring that will make her happy, whether she wants a more traditional setting or a gigantic pink diamond. Don’t see the ring of her dreams here? We have lots more designs to show you at our showroom in Provo, UT. Come visit us or contact us today to discuss engagement rings and how to choose the perfect one today.