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Elysium Diamond

Goldsmith Co Jewelers has Elysium Black Diamonds!

Here at Goldsmith Co. Jewelers in Provo, UT, we’ve been in the fine jewelry business for nearly 50 years, and no new jewelry technology has impressed us more than the black diamond technology from Elysium. They’ve created something truly amazing and once you see these rings that are 100% scratch resistant, can melt ice and that are completely hypoallergenic, you’re definitely going to want one as your wedding band!

Elysium black diamond rings are solid black diamond and nothing can scratch them except another diamond. Plus they’re 100 times harder than tungsten rings! Each ring is roughly 25 carats of diamond and black through the entire ring. Elysium black diamond rings are the only rings made entirely of diamond.

How does Elysium do it?

They take millions of diamond crystals and subject them to the same extreme pressure and heat that create diamonds in nature. That’s what creates the 100% diamond material that makes up their rings. Furthermore, each ring is different from the next which is why they’re all marked with their own serial number.

In addition to their black diamond wedding bands, they also create black diamond watches. Even the watch band is black diamond! Plus they make men’s accessories like black diamond cufflinks and money clips.

There’s nothing else on Earth quite as unique or as indestructible as a black diamond wedding band from Elysium so stop by the Goldsmith Co. Jewelers showroom or contact us to find out more today.