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Wedding / Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you will make (besides choosing the right woman). Since buying and engagement/wedding ring is only done once, you probably don’t have a lot of experience in this area. Relax. With just a little bit of background information, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable deciding on a ring. It’s actually kind of fun! For all of the fun engagement/wedding ring shopping can offer, please stop by our Provo store, it’s easily accessible from Orem or anywhere throughout Utah County.


Decide on a Budget

First, figure out your price range. The rule of thumb from etiquette experts is that a two-month’s salary is a reasonable amount to spend on an engagement ring. But that’s just a rule of thumb. She’s not going to argue if you want to spend more on her ring. And if you can’t make that figure work in your budget, you can always start small and upgrade on your anniversary. No matter what you can spend on your wedding/engagement ring, we think the most important consideration should be quality and value.



King Louis XV of France believed platinum was the only metal a king should wear. When you handle it, you’ll understand why. It is a brilliant white metal, and displays diamonds exquisitely. READ MORE...


The density of platinum is higher than gold, making platinum jewelry about 25% heavier than 18K gold jewelry and 50% heavier than 14K gold jewelry. This gives it its trademark heftiness and exudes quality.

Wearability: The strongest jewelry metal. Very strong and durable, highly resistant to wear and tarnish. Difficult to polish and repair


Palladium is a great value choice if you want a white metal. It is said to have many of the characteristics of platinum, including durability, at a fraction of the cost. READ MORE...


It is hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for a bride who wants a white color but can’t tolerate the nickel additives found in white gold.

Wearability: Palladium is a platinum group metal. Rarer and more precious than white gold, it is more durable and will not tarnish.
Easy to clean and polish.


Gold has been used for centuries for fine jewelry because of its excellent durability, ease of use, and beauty. READ MORE...


Gold is generally offered in 14k (58% pure) and 18k (75% pure) purities for fine jewelry. Another advantage to gold is its ability to be alloyed in yellow, white, and red colors.

Wearability: 18k and 14k gold are both softer than Platinum and Palladium, and are more easily damaged. They will wear away over many years. They are easy to polish and repair, and won’t tarnish.

Choose a Setting

There are three main styles of settings for engagement rings. It is amazing how many beautiful engagement/wedding rings can be found in these three categories. Browse online or stop in our jewelry store in Provo, Utah.

Parade SolitaireThis is the most classic setting style for engagement/wedding rings. The prongs display the center diamond in a way that allows the focus to stay on the center diamond. Solitaires are often your most traditional engagement ring styles and tend to stay in style for long periods of time. Fans of solitaires love the fact that their wedding ring will most likely still be in style years down the road.

Parade Sidestone Diamond Engagement RingIf you add small diamonds or gemstones as sidestones, you add more sparkle and color to the engagement ring. Sidestones help make more unique and artistic jewelry possible. Sidestones can be set in many ways including channel, prong, pave, and shared-prong settings. Each differing style allows for more unique styles in your wedding ring.

Three-Stone Diamond Engagement RingThe three-stone setting features a stone for the past, the present and the future, and is a testament to the eternal nature of your love. Despite the classic nature of the three-stone engagement/wedding ring, it comes in many different diamond shapes and ring styles.


If you’d like to come into our store to see what we have to offer for engagement rings, or to design your wedding ring, we’re easily accessible to Orem residents, and anywhere in Utah County. Our 38 years of experience offers peace of mind when making the second biggest decision in your life so far.