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Precious Metals


Goldsmith Co. was named for our long tradition of excellence in goldsmithing. We know a thing or two about precious metals — how to assess their value, how to craft it, and how to use it to enhance your diamonds and gemstones. Here’s all you need to know about the precious metals that will be the backbone of the jewelry you buy.



Hearts of Fire Platinum


King Louis XV of France believed platinum was the only metal a king should wear. When you handle it, you’ll understand why. It is a brilliant white metal, and displays diamonds exquisitely. READ MORE...


The density of platinum is higher than gold, making platinum jewelry about 25% heavier than 18K gold jewelry and 50% heavier than 14K gold jewelry. This gives it its trademark heftiness and exudes quality.

Wearability: The strongest jewelry metal. Very strong and durable, highly resistant to wear and tarnish. Difficult to polish and repair

Palladium Ring


Palladium is a great value choice if you want a white metal. It is said to have many of the characteristics of platinum, including durability, at a fraction of the cost. READ MORE...


It is hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for a bride who wants a white color but can’t tolerate the nickel additives found in white gold.

Wearability: Palladium is a platinum group metal. Rarer and more precious than white gold, it is more durable and will not tarnish.
Easy to clean and polish.


Gold has been used for centuries for fine jewelry because of its excellent durability, ease of use, and beauty. READ MORE...


Gold is generally offered in 14k (58% pure) and 18k (75% pure) purities for fine jewelry. Another advantage to gold is its ability to be alloyed in yellow, white, and red colors.

Wearability: 18k and 14k gold are both softer than Platinum and Palladium, and are more easily damaged. They will wear away over many years. They are easy to polish and repair, and won’t tarnish.


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