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Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, Goldsmith Co. has received numerous recognitions and awards for customer service, design quality, and business excellence from clients, vendors, and auditing agencies alike. Don’t worry, we won’t let it get to our heads. You, however, can be proud that you’re in the most caring and qualified hands in the jewelry industry.


Exceeding Expectations, 100% of the Time

One of our most prized awards was a customer service award from the post purchase research firm Client Maintenance Associates. Their initial research survey returned very high results, with at least 90% to 95% of Goldsmith Co. customers randomly surveyed stating that we exceeded their expectations. However, we were determined to have every customer—a perfect 100%—of the random customer survey group say Goldsmith Co. exceeded their expectations. The research company told us this was impossible, because some people, even though they were completely happy with the experience, just don’t say “EXCEEDED my expectations,” but would say “Satisfactory” or something similar.

We worked tirelessly for over a year and got very close several times before it happened. When we hit the “impossible” number of 100%, the research firm was so amazed they gave us an award for the accomplishment!

“It was amazing. No one had ever reached 100 percent satisfaction and no one has
done it since. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers is completely committed to their customers!”

– Stephen Earl, Client Maintenance Associates

DeBeers Diamond Design Award

DeBeers_logo-modAlmost everyone familiar with diamonds has heard the name DeBeers. Goldsmith Co. was honored as a finalist in the DeBeers Diamond Design Award for one of our custom ring designs. This prestigious honor is given to only a very select group from the thousands of designs submitted. We feel that this honor represents the true depth of our quality and service in the jewelry industry.

Reed Smoot Award for Businessman of the Year

In 2002, Wil, our owner, received the 14th Annual Senator Reed Smoot Award for Businessman of the Year from the Provo Orem Chamber of Commerce. We still are wondering what they were thinking, but Wil was pretty proud anyway.

Other Recognitions

Wil, the Kentucky Colonel

KentuckyColonel_emblemWil was honored by Kentucky State Senator Barbara Boxer with a nomination for the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel. This nomination was accepted by Governor Paul E. Patton, and Wil was awarded the title. Some other notable recipients of this honor include Muhammad Ali, Colonel Sanders, Winston Churchill, Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Twain, and many others.

Excellent Vendor Relations

Over the years, Goldsmith Co. has received high marks and accolades from not only our customers and third-party reviewers, but from our vendors. Maintaining some of the strongest vendor partnerships in the industry by paying our bills on time and being fare partners has translated to the best prices on each piece of jewelry we buy. That means the best prices on quality jewelry anywhere, guaranteed. Here’s just a few of the things our vendors have said:

“For almost thirty years I have worked with Goldsmith Co. Jewelers as a major supplier of high
quality diamonds of all shapes and sizes. I have chosen to work exclusively with Goldsmith Co. in their area because of the prompt payment and professional manner in which they run their business.”

– Nathaniel Trauring, Owner of S.H.E. Diamonds

“For over a decade I have worked with Goldsmith Co. Jewelers as a key supplier. When Luxury
was launched, we identified key prospective customers with respect to their purchasing
power, creditworthiness, and integrity within their local market. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers ranked
at the very top of our list! I can’t think of a more pleasant and desirable customer in our retailer

– George Prout, President of Luxury by JB Diamonds

“We have been doing business with Goldsmith Co. Jewelers since 1992. All invoices are paid within 30 days. They have an excellent track record with us. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers has the highest standards of excellence and integrity.”