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Welcome to the Goldsmith Co. family! For more than 38 years we have provided students, families, and businesses with exquisite jewelry choices of unsurpassed quality from our conveniently located store in historic downtown Provo, Utah.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of young men get her to say “Yes.” (We’ve also helped a lot of them stay married in spite of themselves!) The customer loyalty that began when we helped them buy their engagement ring almost always carries forward for a lifetime. We enjoy a very high rate of repeat customers — some even arranging to come back to Utah every year to purchase jewelry, because they just love the experience and trust the quality and integrity of our offerings.

The success of our family multi-generational business has been a direct result of our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. If you are already a member of our extended family, Hello! If you are new to us, we hope you’ll drop in and get to know us and our family way of doing business.

At Goldsmith Co. you will find the largest jewelry and watches showroom in Utah County and a staff who treat you like family.

Our friendly, highly-trained staff will match you with the perfect piece–whether it is for yourself or someone important in your life. We require all of our staff members to complete the GIA Accredited Jeweler Program before ever talking to a customer. A lot of top salespeople who’ve worked in the industry for years never achieve this level of training.

Come see what it feels like to shop for fine jewelry with no pressure, more than just the cookie-cutter choices, and no one pushing you into buying something you can’t afford. We don’t want you to just leave happy. We want you to leave singing!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do to help.