Chocolate Diamonds

How many of you are loving the new trend of chocolate diamonds? We sure are! One brand we want to point out that we carry that has a wide selection of chocolate diamonds is Le Vian. The selection is incredible and very eye catching.  Whether it is an engagement ring, right hand band, necklace, or earrings the unique jewelry is a must have. Here are some of our favorite looks.

(All information was found in the Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds 2012 – 2013 Collections brochures at Goldsmith Co. Jewelers. Chocolate colored diamonds are often referred to as Natural color diamonds.)

The strength of color is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural color diamond. The value of a natural color diamond increases with the intensity of the most prominent color with the diamond.

*Found in only one mine in the world called The Argyle Mine, it is located in Australia and they are the worlds’s largest producer of brown diamonds.

*The most affordable natural color diamond, their earth toned color is great for everyday wear.