The Inside Scoop on Parade Designs

Purchasing jewelry for your loved ones is both an investment and major decision.  As with any investment, we believe you should research what you are buying and be “in the know.” So every few weeks we will be sharing a little bit of product knowledge and letting you in on the secrets of the jewelry business.

For our first installment, we want to focus on one of our most popular lines, Parade Designs. Parade is also our partner for our social media campaign,  Brilliant Beginnings.

In 1979 a wholesale gemstone business called CPS Gems was started by Howard and Kiena Pung. CPS Gems grew to be one of LA’s leading dealers. Howard and Kiena started the tradition that still is around today and that is the ‘highest level of discipline, dedication and attention to detail’, we see this daily with the product we have in our store. In 1999, Parade Designs was established by second generation brothers Allen and William Pung.

Allen and William are still over Parade Designs making sure the family tradition stays alive. With their supervision, Parade is committed to “always provide customers with beautiful, detailed pieces. Only the finest and brightest 18K and Platinum metals, stone, and diamonds are chosen to make such a breathtaking collection. Today, there are 8 collections which are only available through authorized fine jewelry stores in the U.S, Canada and the Caribbean Islands.”

You may recognize Parade pieces as having been featured in several prominent movies as well as frequently worn by stars on the red carpet.

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum starred in last year’s romantic film, The Vow, where her featured ring was a custom Parade “Lyria” design.








Parade did a collaboration with the Disney film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”




Parade has been our Brilliant Beginnings’ sponsor for several years here at Goldsmith Go. Jewelers.

 We find that every woman from a bride to right hand ring shoppers love Parade’s detail work and unique designs.

The Parade Promise

“While our designs and collections will continue to evolve and grow, our core business philosophy remains the same – hard work, discipline and attention to detail. Every member of the Parade family promises to deliver on the same high level of excellence in personal service, creative styling and fine craftsmanship that customers have come to expect for 27 years.”

Make sure you check out our Brilliant Beginnings 2013, going on now until Valentines Day! And come by the store to see if a Parade piece is the right investment for you!

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**All information and quotes about Parade Designs were found here.**