A “Say Yes to the Ring” Moment

Interview with Michelle Barnum Smith about her experience at Goldsmith Co. Jewelers.

“Immediately I was at ease. I felt very comfortable and they also had a beautiful selection. So I felt like I could really find what I was looking for there. We started trying out different rings and kind of getting a feel for what I liked and what looked good on my finger. The main thing was that I didn’t want to drag Mark (Fiancée) around from store to store if I didn’t even know what I liked. We kept looking and finally I tried on something totally different than anything and it was this beautiful Makur Pink emerald. They were pretty but they were pink and compared to diamonds they had this really beautiful warmth and glow to them.

I tried on a few of the rings that they had there and then I tried on my ring.

I totally had a say yes to the dress moment. My voice caught in my throat and I choked out a sob and the sales guy and I literally locked eyes, looked at the ring and said, “this is it.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of it or take it off my finger. I was like a giddy school girl and took pictures of it on my phone and sent it to Mark. I told him this is the ring. This is not a ring that I just like, this is THE RING.

A few weeks later, I brought Mark in and didn’t know if it was going to be a different experience or not. When he pulled out the ring and put it on my finger it happened again and it was the same moment like this is my ring. There was no other ring that I wanted to look at or try on.

Mark looked at the sales guy and said ‘this is the ring.’

And the rest is history.”

In our interview with Michelle she went on to talk about the great service she had at Goldsmith Jewelers and how she is constantly getting compliments on her beautiful Makur designed ring. To see more of the exclusive Makur line come and see us at Goldsmith Jewelers. If you’ve had a “This is the Ring” moment and would like to share with us feel free to tell your story below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.