What type of watch are you?

They say that clothes make the man. But what does the type of watch you wear say about you? Find out what kind of watch best describes you and what that says about you.

Huge Face

Because you have to carry your clock around with you wherever you go. You and Flava Flav are keepin’ it real and people across the room will know what time it is. Maybe you’re compensating for something….like a small wrist.

Small Face


You have your own quiet confidence. You don’t need your watch to speak for you, you’ve got enough going for you already. Perhaps you are a little shy but when they really get to know you they will understand that you aren’t understated just misunderstood.


You prefer a classic timepiece without all of the bells and whistles. A reputable brand like Rolex or Citizen. You want a watch that you can keep your whole life and pass on to your posterity of your legacy.

Interchangeable bands



You’ve got to be looking good all the time. To be looking your best you know your leathers have always got to be matching. No matter the occasion you are ready. You also are mindful of your money and know that having multiple bands for the same watch is the most economic way to get all of the styles you need.


You know you’re loaded and so will everybody else when you’re wearing this wrist chandelier. Money is no concern to you if you own this beauty but it may not be a bad idea to take out an insurance policy on this timepiece. It quite possibly could be worth more than the first three cars you owned combined. So many diamonds in your watch, you can’t tell what time it is.


Breitling Chronomat

You may not wear hipster glasses like LeBron and Dwayne, but you know how to took sharp. You may have to decide between a tie or no tie, but one thing is for certain, you’re watch is going to be a big hit at this evenings event. Cool, classy, and confident…you know who you are.


Unleash the inner race car driver in you. You are going to turn some heads while rocking this bold timepiece. You live a fast paced, exhilarating lifestyle and need a watch with as much attitude and adrenaline as you have. You don’t follow the crowd. You fly in front of the pack with power and style. Leave them in the dust with a Tag Heuer Carrera.


You need a watch that you can still check the time 300 meters underwater. It doesn’t matter to you that you don’t know how to swim. Just in case, you are prepared. Stopwatch, alarms, and a digital display are just the beginning. While you are running the Boston Marathon, you will know exactly how calories you are burning, how many miles you have read, your longitude/latitude and not to mention your heart rate and blood pressure. Your watch never gives us, just like you.

Gadget:The James Bond Watch

They think you are just checking the time on your stylish, metal banded watch, they’ll never really know will they Mr. Bond. The perfect combination of style, sophistication, and sexy. It takes pictures and video, records audio, checks email, starts your car, and will even still tell you what time it is if you even care. No secret agent can leave home without this essential piece of you. An entire utility belt conveniently and discretely located on your wrist.